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We are a dynamic, promising and progressive recruitment agency IRC MANHATTAN with an already formed weighty base of crew members of all ranks for all types of ships from Ukraine.

We have been working since 2012, so we have enough experience in the employment of the crew. We will be glad to cooperate with your Company!

What we offer

Extensive crew base

Crew of all ranks for all types of ships such as passenger ships, yachts, cargo ships, tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, ferries, tugs and others

Monitoring and verification of the professional quality of the team

We thoroughly check our team before selection, check reviews from previous companies, assess their professional skills, check all documents

Training for the transition to a new company

When our personnel joins your team, our company assumes all obligations in the preparation of the necessary documents

Preparation of all documents necessary for work

If necessary, our company trains personnel and prepares all the necessary documents

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